Yonka Boosters Nutri+ Nutri-Energizing Oil with Cereal Germ Oils 15ml

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Pioneers in aromatherapy, Cecile, Ernst and Charles Muhlethaler founded the Laboratories Multaler in 1954. At the time, the wealth of ancestral and empirical knowledge they were able to draw upon was shared only by a small number of scientists, chemists and doctors. They created a groundbreaking range of skin and body care based on the power of phytotherapy and hydrotherapy. Yon-Ka’s products are based on “Quintessence”, a combination of 5 essential oils from the Mediterranean expanded into a blend of scientific and nature based formulas. The subtle aromas in the Yon-Ka formulas come from the essential oils that are charged with solar energy and are then combined with the therapeutic, healing properties of plants.


  • This ultra-energetic oil nourishes and revitalizes all skin types and ages that are weakened
  • The skin lights up, recovering its suppleness, tone, and vitality
  • A combination of 5 essential oils