Yon-Ka Paris

- Yon-Ka provides your skin with the most precious part of plants -

Le Grand Classique Facial



This highly potent, luxurious botanically charged facial combines beautifully crafted products, rituals and elements to give your skin a hydration reset. Guaranteed to produce a lustrous glow, your skin will be taken to another level with our signature fit for a goddess facial! Starting with a sparkling rosewater refreshment, you begin to feel beautiful from within. Your skin will be cleansed, toned, exfoliated and infused with a blend of botanical rose, rosehip, desert lime, ylangylang, moringa and blue lotus oil during the facial ritual. Enjoy a relaxing décolletage, hand and arm massage whilst our pink botanical clay mask purifies your skin, followed by a 30 minute Celluma LED Light Therapy to elevate your skin to promote collagen, healing, rejuvenation and immediate results. Leave feeling and looking your best with your sense re-awakened! We recommend this treatment every 4-6 weeks, or in a treatment plan alternating between peels & Gua Sha for best results. Our Soften & Glow at home care is highly recommended to maintain skin between treatments.


Anti ageing - (anti wrinkle or firming)


Each Lunar phase of the moon is geared to a specific element of life, achievement, wishing or understanding. Set your intentions according to the phases of the moon before beginning this facial. We've done all the hard work for you and will guide you with your intentions! This facial is powerful in it's element of conscious beauty. Using our Beauty by Charmed products to cleanse, tone and exfoliate the skin, we then perform an uplifting Gua Sha facial massage to lift & rebalance the skin and create a more defined facial contour.  One of our four Goddess essential oil blends are massaged into the shoulders, arms and hands whilst the mask is on and crystals are strategically placed on the body. 

Optional 30 minute Celluma Pro Led light therapy can be added for $45 for an extra luminous glow!


Alpha Vital Peel

Alpha Vital PeelHydrating Facial 

Skin C.E.O - $140

Super Serum - $140

Super Fruit Jessner - $200



Hydrojelly Masks - Mini Facials


All our mini facials are 35 minutes, and include cleansing, toning, HydroJelly mask of your choice, mini shoulder, hand and arm massage, finished off with a Beauty by Charmed lotion. 


Benefits of a HydroJelly Mask: A new generation mask boosted with pure hydrating algae, nourishing actives, electrolyte technology. The skin cannot absorb or retain water without the proper balance of electrolytes. These masks promote inter-cellular communication where there may be lack of water/hydration.

Mask Options:

Egyptian Rose - Hydrating & Wrinkle Care

Hyaluronic Acid - Superior Moisture Retention

Beta-Carotene Floral - Vitamin A & Fast Relief


Facial Gua Sha

$120 - 30 mins

This ancient Chinese facial massage works to increase the blood flow under the skin by using a contoured crystal to gently scrape the face using a traditional technique. It’s benefits are truly magical, and is a beautiful natural alternative to invasive anti-ageing treatments.  The skin is gently cleansed, before Ritual Oil (pure moringa & blue lotus oil) is generously massaged into the skin prior to the technique being performed. The scent of blue lotus is truly enticing - this is one of our favourite holistic treatments!


Facial Add On: 

High Frequency Spot Treatment - 10 mins $30


The Pink Treatment - Skin Needling

$450 per area (face/neck/décolletage) 

Comprised of 56 proven active ingredients in one solution, including 3 types of enzymes, 6 kinds of peptides, amino acid complex, hyaluronic acid, glutathione, vitamin B12 and so much more, this outstanding treatment is designed to be infused/needled into the skin to deliver maximum anti-ageing, hydrating, world class ingredients. One vial per client is hydra needled into the skin covering the whole area, followed by a 30 minute Celluma LED Light Therapy session, finished off with our most potent EGF Serum. 1 treatment per area every 4 weeks is recommended over a 3 month period, 1 treatment per area every 6-12 months there after for maintenance.

*clients must pre-numb in salon 10-15 minutes prior to appointment

*clients will start with .5ml needling and can increase depth accordingly each visit

*results can be seen immediately, will peak at 3 months

*clients will remain flushed for up to 48 hours after appointment, with a healing period of 2 weeks. There is no downtime excepting excessive exercise/swimming/sauna/sun exposure for 48 hours, sunscreen must be worn if outdoors during the 2 week healing period